With SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys software, you can gain significant value from text responses—without the drudgery and
expense associated with manual coding. Specifically designed for survey text, this product is based on our automated NLP software technologies. Using this software, you can automate the creation of categories and categorization of responses to transform unstructured survey data into quantitative data—without having to read text responses word for word.

When you use SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys software, you are empowered to gain greater insight from text responses
using these capabilities:


  • Dictionary-based text-extraction technology: This product ships with libraries and resources to automate concept extraction. You can easily customize these libraries by adding topic-specific terms to match your needs.

  • Proven linguistic technologies: This product is based on NLP technologies that enable you to quickly create categories and reliably categorize responses.

  • Create conditional rules to enhance categorization: Use extraction results and Boolean operators to categorize responses based on more complex information and filter erroneous responses.

  • Visualization capabilities aid category refinement: Use bar charts, web graphs and web tables to quickly reveal which categories contain concurrent responses. Then decide whether to combine certain categories or to create new ones that better account for shared responses.

  • Reuse and share categories: Export categories for use by others in new projects to save time and help ensure reliability across the same or similar studies.

  • Export results to SPSS Statistics or Excel software: Analyze and graph results in other software for use in decision making.