SPSS Custom Tables enables you to turn your analysis into high-quality tabular reports. Easily display your data analysis in presentation-quality, production-ready tables.

With SPSS Tables, you have the features you need to easily create and work with tabular reports:


  • Preview tables as you build them:
    Preview your table as you select variables and table options with a simple drag-and-drop interface, and take the guesswork out of table building.

  • Control your table output:
    Choose from a variety of formats to represent multi-way information in a two-way table and generate the view you want.

  • Customize your table structure:
    Exclude specific categories, display missing value cells, and add subtotals to your table n Get in-depth analyses: Run Chi-square, column proportions, and column means tests, and add more insight to your tables to identify differences, changes, or trends in your data.

  • Automate frequent reports:
    Run large production jobs and complex table structures with ease to automatically build similar tables with new data.