For nearly two decades, we have in the business of providing analytical solutions around SPSS range of products in India and have worked to introduce analytics to academic, corporate, research and government organisations. We assisted in establishing analytics usage in many leading organisations across the country. Some of the top-tier academic institutions, government ministries and private sector companies have remained our customers for these two decades.

It is largely due to our efforts in educating and actively assisting our users on analytics and its implementation that SPSS today enjoys a leadership position amongst all other analytics solutions. Our efforts to ensure that our customers receive the best value of investment by through continuous support, services and assistance has ensured for a base of over a 1000+ active customers. This number continues to grow every day.

In order to create a scalable business, we closely observe our potential clientele through various sources in order to discover what they want from SPSS products. Then, we carefully record and analyze this information and use it to tweak and cater our offerings. By providing our clients with exactly what they need, we’re betting on becoming the next great Statistical Analysis Solution company.